My published fiction to date has included a children’s book, Splat!, for Hamish Hamilton in their Cartwheel series. I am currently illustrating the text again, as it is out of print and the text copyright has returned to me.

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Sample illustration by Eleanor Patrick

Other published fiction

  • DC Thomson published Shadow Across the Sun in their Secrets Story Library, and also several of my short stories in The People’s Friend.
  • I have an MA in Novel Writing from Manchester University for which I wrote a ‘not too bad’ novel that resides in their library! I then turned it into a psychological thriller set in the 70s.
  • Writing with my friend Sue Brownless, under the pen name ‘Kelsey Drake’, we self-published two books in the Lothian Dragon series, Farlkris and Scrodril. Farlkris was runner-up for the Kelpies Prize in 2005.
  • In 2010 I won first prize in the WriteLink competition for the first 2,000 words of a novel for 8-12s called Kipper’s Pride. It would like a home. As would my current young adult novel Out.
  • In 2016 I won the Writing Magazine 1,000-word story competition with my entry about a boy who has Asperger’s. You can read Cool or What?, with the judge’s comments, here:

I also illustrate for editorial content and design patterns for stationery and fabric. You can find my illustration site here.

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